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''FRESCA company-TWO recommendations for improvements for any part of Essay

''FRESCA organization TWO suggestions for enhancements for any piece of the showcasing blend - Essay Example The advantage of the organization which surpasses 48 million pounds and the yearly development consequently of more than 393 million net benefits presents the requirement for the organization to open up to the world. In this manner, the organization items will get more interest particularly once they saddle the open door in the market as the certainty of buyers towards the organization will increment. Moreover, numerous clients will buy the offers and they will help in creating and advancing the items picture through development, commitment, contacting the customers and lifting up the notoriety of the firm. To upgrade creation of value and more beneficial produce, the firm source and secure the best and dependable accomplices. Notoriety is a significant instrument in advancement of an item that will improve once the firm prevails with regards to opening up to the world. The organization will be compelled to put more in the inventiveness and advancement of their items to guarantee that moral exchanging, quality items, worker improvement just as successful client care are met. The interest for its items will rises, calling for progressively qualified staff to be utilized in the firm as in this manner the nature of their item won't be adjusted due to exhausted staff. The results of the organization will be put to progressively open consideration and examination particularly regarding wellbeing and quality principles and because of the way that the organization watches these necessities, subsequently, its market makes certain to develop as Fresca Company watches these prerequisites. Wellbeing is critical to the endurance of humanity and this is the thing that the organization offer, solid items. Achievement in expanded deals is ascribed to the highest caliber of created which outperform the desires for clients through grasping a quality product offering. As a universal organization, Fresca Company should exploit the virgin, rich and tremendous bit of agrarian land in Africa and join forces with African nations in the creation of

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Accounting-Pest Analysis-Political Essay

Vermin Analysis Political The universal IT and hardware enterprises have been portrayed with concentrated rivalry. Hardware and IT organizations are continually checking on their accomplishments just as the competitors’ so as to think of better business procedures with an end goal to best all other existing industry rivals. With the merger and obtaining procedure among HP and Compaq, individuals from the IT and hardware industry everywhere throughout the world were undermined with the heightened exertion that could result from the mix. Others were shocked in light of the fact that mergers and procurement techniques may likewise result to negative ramifications with respect to the combining organizations especially when contrasts with regards to methodologies, culture and objectives neglect to be completely coordinated. Monetary For HP and Compaq, the merger will build the intensity of the beforehand free organizations so as to exceed the accomplishments of exceptionally forceful contenders. Both HP and Compaq looked for intends to enhance their current items and administrations so as to build the degree of fulfillment among their customers and clients which were made conceivable through the merger. When fulfillment levels among customers and clients are met, HP-Compaq anticipate better financial intensity inside the worldwide IT and hardware industry. Social The current organizations have been careful with regards to new market patterns, new market openings, new client bases, and mechanical foundation accessible for usage. The merger among HP and Compaq will doubtlessly result to better social exercises as supported by the blended organizations. Social and municipal exercises that were beforehand freely bolstered by HP and Compaq will be completed in new point of view due for the most part to the way that the merger could uncover unforeseen components that could make the new organization shaky. Innovative One of the essential purposes behind the merger of HP and Compaq are the companies’ drive towards advancement and improvement in their items and administrations. The merger empowered moderately more grounded innovative work endeavors for theâ benefit of the new organization since it is currently portrayed with progressively escalated worries to think of IT items and administrations that will take into account existing just as new customers and clients in this manner expanding the companies’ shopper bases. At present the gadgets results of HP have been seen to experienced advancement with the help offices which were made accessible by Compaq. Five Forces Analysis Providers The merger came about to audit and evaluation of the current providers of both HP and Compaq since the reconciliation procedure inferred the generally less agreements between organizations that offer comparative types of assistance and crude materials to HP and Compaq. In any case, the mix in like manner came about to development in innovation which required new agreements with providers that can offer the new types of assistance and crude materials required by HP-Compaq as a solitary company. Purchasers With the guaranteed included worth the items and administrations of the HP-Compaq merger, customers and clients of the organization could expect new and better product offerings and administration offers as one of the essential targets of the reconciliation technique. Purchaser force will be escalated in this regard since the HP-Compaq will offer new gadgets items and administrations so as to set new market inclines in the worldwide IT and hardware industry. Contenders Contenders of HP and Compaq were by one way or another separated with regards to the general ramifications of the merger to the global IT and hardware industry. There are the individuals who accept that the merger will result to the nonstop debilitating of the two organizations contrasted with their other more grounded rivals in the universal IT and hardware ventures. While some accept in any case because of the expanded capacity of HP and Compaq as a solitary working organization to develop and fortify the market positions later on years that will come. Substitutes Substitute items and administrations are expanding inside the global IT and gadgets industry which added to the joining decisionâ between HP and Compaq. With the aggregate endeavors between the new HP-Compaq enterprise, it is normal the substitute items and administrations that contends with the arrangements and offers of HP-Compaq will be decrease because of better creation and assembling forms and innovative frameworks that can't be managed by little adversary organizations. New Entrants New contestant in the gadgets and IT ventures are defied with generally progressively troublesome passage to the universal market due essentially to profoundly forceful rivalry between and among huge partnerships. It is normal information that business tasks and offices that describe both the worldwide IT and Electronics enterprises are pricey and advanced. Such factors fill in as solid obstructions of section to the enterprises where HP-Compaq has a place. SWOT Analysis Qualities The merger among HP and Compaq will build the companies’ intensity with regards to the conceivable new product offerings and administrations that they will offer as a solitary organization to the customers and clients. The mix technique in like manner came about less market rivalry inside the setting of huge universal organizations that additionally have a place with the global IT and hardware industry. Costs will be diminished as uses in business activities, for example, assembling and creation are currently taken care of and overseen as a solitary ownership. The innovative work arm of HP and Compaq would now be able to cooperate as single organization with comparable mechanical and financial objectives. Shortcomings The combination procedure among HP and Compaq, then again, came about to the need to lay off a large number of representatives since their administrations will be not, at this point required especially the individuals who have comparable capacities. Social reconciliation inside the work environment is additionally a major issue since HP and Compaq are made out of various people and representatives who are utilized to various workplaces just as profession desires. The Human asset office will be defied with issues and issues in regards to the new individuals from the company’s workforce. Specialized activities will alsoâ experience downsides from the progressions that will happen inside the business procedures of the organization. Openings The issues and issues that may result from the merger regarding workforce contrasts can be seen as a road fro improvement with regards to working environment culture of the organization. The administration ought to have the option to gadget intends to debilitate different information and aptitudes that describe the individuals from the company’s work power. Tasks ought to in like manner be rebuilt and reengineered so as to concoct better assembling and creation forms that consider effectiveness and item quality. Dangers The disappointment of the merger procedure is likewise conceivable if HP and Compaq can't resolve issues brought about by varying working environment societies. The powerlessness of the consolidated organization is in like manner uncovered since it is just two or a long time since the merger contract was agreed upon. There is still such a great amount to accomplish for the full usage of the merger methodology and existing contenders will forcefully accept the open door of the progressions that unfolded inside the new HP-Compaq organization. Both inward and outside components may add to the difficulties and troubles that HP-Compaq will involvement with the future in the push to prevail in the universal market rivalry. Qualities Hewlett-Packard’s essential quality is its business position. The venture has a lot of money close by about $10 billion. Hewlett-Packard is a worldwide venture and particularly after its merger with Compaq, the organization became world’s greatest PC equipment and peripherals partner on the planet and has positioned twentieth in the Fortune 500 rundown. Hewlett Packard is working in excess of 170 nations including both created just as immature. Being a worldwide vendor of PC equipment, it gives HP numerous points of interest like ruling printers advertise, both laser and inkjet. The organization draws in and centers around purchasers from even recently discovered markets all around the globe, worldwide partnerships, non-administrative associations and so forth. The organization contend both at nearby and universal level. It has expanded its seriousness through arrangements and systems that supports free-advertise economies. This is one reason that make HP a leadingâ supplier in the developing IT markets. Hewlett Packard is said to have a total item port folio. Shortcomings The organization was in a drawn out obligation for a long time which shielded it from putting resources into various development openings. A significant issue and protest about the equipment supplies of HP is its touch cushions. The touch stack of the journals of Hewlett Packard like the dv arrangement, dm3, and Envy lines needs improvement. These touch cushions are either finicky, inconsistent, or are hard to utilize in light of grating. The mouse fastens on different HP provided machines are supposed to be awkward to utilize, as well. Poor shelling life of HP items tormented some standard frameworks and net books. With regards to Software that HP gives there are likewise a few shortcomings. Some substantial software’s were matched with moderate equipment like Touch Smart. The past procurement of Peregrine made the HP’s portfolio considerably increasingly assorted and complete yet HP Open View’s absence of centralized server the executives abilities made a few i ssues. Another shortcoming was that it didn't yet hit a CMDB item that incorporates revelation and mapping. This reason numerous clients to switch the brand. Openings The ongoing securing of EDS puts HP at a stron

Gustave Caillebottes The Orange Trees essays

Gustave Caillebottes The Orange Trees expositions The work picked for assessment in this exposition is Gustave Caillebottes 1878 oil on canvas painting titled The Orange Trees, a 61 x 46 work in which two focal human figures are situated in a conventional nursery in which orange trees are planted in etched boxes. The male figure in the closer view is the craftsmen sibling, Marital; he wears a straw cap and purple shoes and is portrayed perusing a paper or magazine, his back to the craftsman, and his head twisted around the understanding material. Out of sight is the specialists cousin, Zoe, who wears a striped dress and red boots and who is twisting around one of the enclosed orange trees a proper nursery. Additionally present in the image are formal, fashioned iron nursery seats and a winding way encompassed by formal plantings. As indicated by the Museum of Fine Arts of Houston (MFAH) Web webpage (1), Capturing the particular light impacts of late morning, Gustave Caillebotte contrasts the cool shades of shade with the stunning, straightening impacts of direct daylight. The artwork by Caillebotte utilizes a corner to corner line moving from the lower left half of the canvas as one perspectives it to the upper right side, making a genuinely geometric shape that is by the by natural in its stream (a component made conceivable by the winding way that travels through the nursery, adjusted by a fix of brilliantly shaded blossoms). The surface is run of the mill of the Impressionists, utilizing exchanging patches of profundity and surface paint to make varieties in tone and in the interchange of light and shadow. Parity is accomplished through an uneven position of the two human figures and the winding way, compared against the darker boxed orange trees. The point of convergence at the closer view of the artwork is the craftsmen situated sibling; the point of convergence in the back is the specialists standing cousin, however the bending way makes development from the base to the highest point of the canvas. This bend likewise stress ... <!

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Analysis of Context and Critical Evaluation Essay

Investigation of Context and Critical Evaluation - Essay Example This makes it simple for an association like Ford to adjust effectively to address advancing issues. The unceasing condition of an association contains social and monetary conditions which assume a vital job during the time spent dynamic by the official. These elements must be fused with the prerequisites of the partners which are frequently conflicting. Execution of choice in top associations requires a wide methodology and aptitudes. Vital administration can't be isolated from hierarchical achievement. Acquaintance Strategic administration alludes with choices and activities that focus on plan and execution of activities so as to accomplish the goals of the partnership. Henry Ford established the organization in 1903 in Michigan, USA. The organization spearheaded in the utilization of the moving sequential construction system. The organization had a piece of the overall industry of 50 percent. In 1956, the organization opened up to the world. This was incredibly affected by the com pany’s development combined with a critical nearness in the car advertise far and wide. Be that as it may, the organization has not been doing admirably throughout the previous multi decade. This has been contributed by an item portfolio that is worse than average. Allan Mullaly turned into the CEO in the year 2006. The organization was working as confined substances in the United States, Australia, Europe and different areas. The move affected the organization contrarily in view of the colossal operational costs caused. Reports demonstrate that the expense of building up a solitary vehicle from the scratch was around $800 (Ford 2012). The new top official was compelled by a sense of honor to think of systems that were financially savvy and beneficial to the running of the association. The new authoritative administration was constrained to accompany methodologies that would make the organization all around serious. Mullaly adjusted the structure of Ford’s the executiv es structure. This included changing the company’s tasks from provincial inadequate organization branches to a coordinated all around serious association. The organization thought of the one-portage activity whose point was to decrease time spent in duplication and center in top notch items. The new authoritative procedure proposed to make the Ford organization items high caliber and speaking to the worldwide market. Ford’s business methodology concentrated on the best way to cause a wide and practical procedure so as to stay serious (Hoffman 2013). The ascent in fuel costs and green innovations had required a difference in procedure in the engine vehicle industry. Portage Company chose to put resources into advancement of moderate vehicles even with a hierarchical emergency that added up to obligation (Hoffman 2013). The organization chose to part from utilizing scarcely any significant items to numerous reasonable and available items. Passage had the option to set up that the vast majority of the dedicated clients over the world needed wellbeing, solid brands and after deals administration for clients (Hoffman 2013). Portage Company separated itself from different organizations by putting resources into R and D. highlights like my-passage contact and sync were just reasonable in costly vehicles. Passage Company has made items reasonable to normal man. The technique has had any kind of effect as the organization has expanded engine vehicle deals. The Ford utilized the One-portage procedure to improve the brand structure. This caused the Ford key group to need to sell Land Rover, and Jaguar at the vast majority of the Mazda proprietorship. This reevaluated the first Ford brand which had a high notoriety when it came to wellbeing,

History of English Literature Essay Example for Free

History of English Literature Essay 1.What job does the mead-lobby play in Anglo-Saxon warrior culture? What is the correct connection between a ruler and his warriors? What models would you be able to discover all through Beowulf? 2.What is the job of ladies in the chivalrous culture of Beowulf? 3.Compare/differentiate what establishes a legend or the idea of valor in the Old English and Middle English periods. Draw your models from two writings: either Beowulf OR The Dream of the Rood 4.Drawing your models from Beowulf and one Middle English work, think about/differentiate the jobs allocated to ladies in writing of the Old and Middle English time frames. 5.Analyze the various manners by which English Renaissance artists added to or reacted to the Petrarchan custom of affection verse. 6.In what ways does the possibility of the court and the life of the retainer influence Renaissance English writing? Distinguish sonnets or works in which court life is spoken to or remarked upon and clarify how those writings reflect Renaissance perspectives toward court life. 7.The idea of reflection in Wordsworth’s Tintern Abbey 8.The validity of Pip’s character in Dickens’s Great Expectations 9.Discuss the Social scrutinize in Dickens’s Great Expectations 10.Discus the idea of being a respectable man in Dickens’s Great Expectations 11.Ddiscuss the Reality and imagery in Hopkins’s verse 12.Discuss the idea of virtue in Hardy’s Tess of the d’Urbervilles 13.Discuss Christianity and agnosticism pl in Hardy’s Tess of the d’Urbervilles 14.Discuss the imagery of haziness and light in Conrad’s Heart of Darkness 15.Discuss the components of postmodernism in British Contemporary Poems (take model from english contemporary author) 16.Discuss the component of Romanticism in William Wordsworth’s Poems 17.Discuss The impact of Japanese Poetry in Modern Poetry by Ezra Pound 18.Discuss the depiction of perfect ladies in Victorian Novel composed by Women scholars. 19.How did French Poetry impact the improvement of present day English Poetry? 20.Discuss different part of innovation in James Joyce’ Ulllyses† 21.Compare distinctive disposition to war introduced by the Poets William Butler Yeats, Sigfried Sassoon, and Wilfrid Owen in their sonnets. 22.How did Freud’s hypothesis on human psyce impact crafted by moden essayist? Give models! 23.How did Asian Poetry impact crafted by early pioneer writers Eezra Pound and Richard Aldington?

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Calendar Application Research Paper - 1375 Words

Calendar Application (Research Paper Sample) Content: Name:Professor:Course:Date:THE COMPETITIVE ENVIRONMENTOur innovation in the technology sector is the introduction of the calendar app. This app is targeting to make scheduling off meetings easier. As the number of people involved in a business grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to get a particular time that all the parties are free and available for a meeting (Goldsmith 9). In view of this difficulty created by the increasing complexity of web of relation involved in a single business and how it interlinks with others, our team set out to create an innovation that links the calendar of events for all the concerned parties and uses the data to find the next available time when every party is free. It is therefore easy to schedule meetings. Our innovation targets industries where meetings are the central part of the business. Though this App will be intensely useful in all fields including social-since, the modern world have rendered it hard to set even dates for family and friends reunions, for the sake of this paper I will look at the sales and marketing industry.The sales and marketing industry targets in linking producers of particular commodities with clients. It involves in arranging numerous meetings between the producer and the client and other relevant agencies such as government authorities that are necessary on the actualization of the deals that will take place. This agency will have to schedule a meeting at a time where representatives from the three fields are available to transact. Finding time for this can be very difficult especially when one has to organize several meetings at once. The advantage of using our calendar app is the ease with which one can find a relevant date at the comfort of their desk thus saving on massive resources and time. Also, if one was to carry out several deals with say one government agency and several buyers on different deals, one can easily find how to find a common suitable date to hold all t he meetings.Through this App, we will have maximization of profits for this industries by first of all reducing the running costs since it will cut on costs incurred running from one office to the other to set dates (Mateescu 13). It will also do so by consolidating a customer base by giving the firms a competitive advantage over others through utmost efficiency. This efficiency also ensures that as many deals as possible are scheduled within the shortest possible time. Also, it will increase the productivity of these target firms.The customer base for this product is very comprehensive. In the recent parts, large investments involve in sales and marketing have grown worldwide. These include areas such as real estates and housing that involve billions of dollars every year. For this businesses, time is a very vital input since a single deal is worth millions and cannot be lost. Finding an appropriate time to meet the client is thus of prime importance. The people involved in these b usinesses are more often than not high-end executives with no time to waste. They are characterized by large calendar events and very little free time. It is therefore extremely difficult to find an open window for meetings. Hence, it is expected that App will help the sellers to procure meetings. With the recent technological advancements, the people involved in these businesses continually find it difficult to engage in social contacts such as queuing on a reception to schedule a date. It will be very convenient if the only requirement is to link their calendar to an App that will do these calculations. Another characteristic of these people is that since they are businessmen, often traversing the world in such of new ventures. It is difficult to locate them in one central position for manual setting of dates. This app will help such a person schedule a meeting at the comfort of their private jet enroot to another meeting.The porterà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s five competitive forces are forces t hat determine how profit is shared in a business. In an industry that deals with the same kind of services, some companies gain more benefits than the other based on this competitive forces (Barney 32). The forces include: supplier power, which relates to concentration, differentiation, volume and the like, threat of substitutes which involves such things as price performance and buyer inclination to substitutes, degree of rivalry which will involve how concentrated the industry is and such things as identity of the brand, consumer power defining his volume, level of information and his leverage and finally the threat of new entrants determined by government [olicies, brand identities, propriety learning curves amongst other factors. In the sales and marketing industries, such factors play a very vital roles. Buyers will approach a company based on its brands identity and their inclination. For businesses worth millions of shillings, a buyer will not be willing to risk a fraudulent engagement. Established entities carry the benefit of trust which means that customers are more likely to trust them to handle these deals. An improved efficiency that the body will benefit from this app is furthermore going to diminish any inclination of a potential client shifting to another company (Click 28). Established companies are more likely to attract well-established buyers. A buyer will want to identify with an efficient counterpart for the ease of business but also for the prestige associated with relating to such entities. Image is therefore critical in this business and digitizing all the activities is one way of raising the stakes when it comes to attracting buyers.The intended competitive strategies that are introduced by use of this app are cost and differentiation. There will be a reduction in the running cost of businesses. Technically, without this app, scheduling of meetings involves a trip to the offices involved to look and compare calendars, the go to the ot her partiesà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬ premises to do the same. At its best, there is the use of long phone calls. This processes are expensive and tedious. Money is saved through reduction of man-power and fuel that could have been used to do this. Time is also a vital resource that is saved and can be used in another income generating venture. Since a lot of time is saved, this allows the firm to venture into other businesses. These companies can run more meetings efficiently and so can differentiate in other businesses.The competitive advantage introduced by this App is efficiency (Barney 20). It is maintained with a faithfulness to enhancing other support mechanisms. These include ensuring use of the most current digital technologies so as to be sure that new technological advancements are compatible with the systems (Chase 44). A skilled and committed workforce is also very necessary for this venture. With this advancement, it is no longer necessary for one to be at their desk to set a meeting . One can work in the comfort of their home. However, it will require high levels of discipline. It is geared toward maintaining customer trust and satisfaction so that they will not lured by other investment companies. The desirability of this app will rise as the businesses are established since communication becomes more and more important in todayà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s world.One of the barriers we intend is the use of copyright principles (Marburger 19). We have registered the App and therefore we expect to enjoy using the technology for several years. Anyone wishing to use the product will have to submit a fee to us according to the law.The critical success factors of this endeavor are a commitment to the advancement of this innovation. Gadgets are changing with every waking day, and this innovation must always be updated to be compatible with this developments.The risked that can be associated with the barriers is that ità ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s not impossible that a new industry will come up with an almost similar App even without breaching copyright. It will mean we have no monopoly on this efficiency, and we have to compete and win!However, this risks can be mitigated by proper marketing of the innovation to establish a solid market base as well as keeping abreast with technological advancements (Wood 56). Therefore, we can identify upcoming threats and improve our innovation so that it remains the preferred choice of the buyer.Work Cited 1 "Competitive Advantage: Creating and Sustaining Superior ..." Web. 30 Apr. 2015. . 2 Goldsmith, David. "Rethinking the Company's Competitive Advantage." Financial Executive 1 July 2013. Print. 3 Mateescu, Liviu. "Competition, Competence, Competitive Advantage.(Report)." Annals of DAAAM Proceedings 2009. Print. 4 Barney, Jay B. Gaining and Sustaining Competitive Advantage. 2nd ed. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall, 2002. Print. 5 Barney, Jay B, and Delwyn N. Clark. Resource-based Theory Creating and Sustaining Competitive Advantage. Oxford: Oxford UP, 2007. Print. 6 Bessant, J. R. High-involvement Innovation B...

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Create a Magic Genie in a Bottle Effect

Drop a chemical into a flask to produce a cloud of water vapor and oxygen, resembling a magic genie emerging from its bottle. This chemistry demonstration can be used to introduce the concepts of decomposition reactions, exothermic reactions, and catalysts. Magic Genie Safety Wear rubber gloves and safety goggles. The 30% hydrogen peroxide used in this demonstration is a strong oxidizing agent which should be handled with care. It is extremely corrosive and reactive. Sodium iodide should not be ingested. The chemical reaction evolves heat so it is important to use borosilicate glass and to take care that the mouth of the flask is directed away from people. Magic Genie Demonstration Materials 50 ml of 30% hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)4 g of sodium iodide, NaI [may substitute manganese(IV) oxide]1-liter borosilicate (Pyrex or Kimax) volumetric flaskFilter paper or tissue paper The peroxide solution is considerably more concentrated than ordinary household peroxide (3%), so youll either need to obtain it from a beauty supply store, chemical supply ​store or online. Sodium iodide or manganese oxide are best obtained from chemical suppliers. Magic Genie Procedure Wrap the sodium iodide or manganese oxide in a piece of filter paper or tissue paper. Staple the paper so none of the solid can spill out.Carefully pour 50 ml of 30% hydrogen peroxide solution into the volumetric flask.Set the flask a counter and cover it with a towel to protect your hands from the heat of the reaction. When you are ready, drop the packet of solid reactant into the flask. Be sure the flask is pointed away from yourself and students. The magic water vapor genie will appear!After the demonstration is complete, the liquid may be washed down the drain with excess water. Rinse the flask and dilute any spills with water before cleanup. Magic Genie Reaction Hydrogen peroxide decomposes into water vapor and oxygen gas. The sodium iodide or manganese oxide catalyzes the exothermic reaction. The reaction is: 2H2O2 (aq) → 2H2O (g) O2 (g) heat Helpful Tips for the Magic Genie Experiment Use of Pyrex, Kimax, or another type of borosilicate glass minimizes the risk of breakage.Rather than dropping the packet of sodium iodide or manganese oxide, you can hang it inside the flask by a string taped to the outside of the flask or secured (loosely) with a stopper. Do not tightly seal the flask! A stopper with a hole or two is safest.  Use a large volume flask, even though youre only using a small volume of liquid. This is because brown liquid can splash up near the conclusion of the reaction. This liquid is free iodine released from the oxidizing effect of the strong peroxide solution.Make sure you dont seal or tightly stopper the flask, as pressure buildup from a premature reaction can shatter the flask violently.Excess sodium iodide may be thrown away in the trash receptacle.Are you artistic? You can wrap the flask in foil to make it look like a magic genie bottle or lamp. While you have the 30% peroxide out, why not try the elephant toothpaste demonstration? Another interesting demonstration to try involves making violet smoke. Reference: Stone, Charles, H. J. Chem. Ed., 1944, 21, 300.